Forest Trees

About Us

NÖRDMi is a small group of people who create.  There's Laura, Watercolor Artist and Entrepreneur. Chris, a fantastic Builder and master of all things epoxy and Charles, a designer of all things Graphic Design.

Charles Stockwell is Laura Stockwell's dad.

He used to be a college professor, but he

retired a few years ago and nowadays spends

his time cooking, gardening, fly fishing, and

making art on his computer.  He lives in an old

farmhouse near Caro, Michigan. He restored it back to its original condition, except it does have electricity and indoor plumbing. Most of his neighbors are farmers. They drive pickup trucks and their kids belong to 4-H. 

We all live in Michigan.  All of us enjoy the forests,

fields, and waterways of wild places.  From small

forest glens to sweeping vistas of rolling pasture,

we take inspiration from the landscapes around us to

create...well all kinds of things.  We're excited to share

them with you here.

Check out some of our blog posts here.

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Woman Walking in Forest