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Meet NÖRDmi

A Northern Michigan resident, this small artist collaboration works hard to create not only beautiful art but also a great experience for our buyers. It's been two years since we launched a full on website and started shipping products so we thought a quick re-introduction was in order.

I'm Laura, watercolor/linocut/crafty artist who manages all of our social media, website and your purchases. I also work a full time job in education and volunteer with my local Trout Unlimited Chapter. I'm the person packaging your orders and painting watercolors. I keep work at the AuSable Artisan Village in Grayling, Michigan and also the West Branch Artist Gallery.

We also have Charles, our digital artist. He spends hours designing all of our digital art from his beautifully restored farmhouse in Michigan's 'thumb'. He is also a master craftsman and frames our larger pieces professionally. He displays art in the Flint Art Gallery in the Flint Farmer's Market and volunteers there as well as volunteering in his own community.

Newly added but a long standing support, is Chris. He's working on his own signature pieces which we're looking forward to add in 2023.

Our headquarters are in the West Branch, MI area where I manage all of the NORDmi things from a small 12' x12' hand built studio in the woods. The three of us built the shed in 2022 by hand and while it was a backbreaking endeavor, full of mishaps born of inexperience, we figured it all our and are so pleased with the results. You can check out the shed build here and the inside of the studio here.

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