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New Work

So much is happening right now. Harvesting the awesome garden bounty, getting ready for back to school, and most exciting, a LOT of new work is being created, finalized and will soon be loaded to the site. With some downtime over summer, it was lovely to have the chance to paint some new works. We also have 2 fun new ideas and, to sweeten the deal, all the work will be returned from summer shows by next Saturday, the 14th. Painting time is treasured around here. With life, work and volunteer responsibilities, it can get pretty busy so an hour or two to work on a piece is so valuable. We had some extra time this summer and were able to produce a few new pieces. New prints coming by next week! We also added some new totes from previous paintings to the site- check them out, they usually go pretty quickly and we only have one of each.

We have two new ideas too - postcards and ornaments. We're finishing out details on both ideas but they'll be up soon! Stay tuned!

And finally, we've almost finished out summer show season and picking up just about all the remaining work this weekend. Which means that next week, we should have any unsold work photographed and up on the site. Those pieces are all professionally framed, matted and hang - ready. Keep an eye on the store items, you'll be seeing lots of new items next week!

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