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The Details

Did you ever take a moment to look at the details around you? Every now and again, if you slow down a little, you see completely new things. Little things. Details.

In the forest, our neck of the woods anyway, we're heading into the fall season. It's still late summer with high temps and high humidity but here and there, you can catch a glimpse of what's coming.

Bits of moss and lichen that are happiest in slightly cooler temperatures and with lots of rain, are fruiting. Or flowering. Or whatever lichen and moss does. Mushrooms are popping up, enjoying the nighttime temperatures and regular rains we've had.

There are cooler mornings, geese on the move, leaves occasionally turning yellow around the edges, and the cedar trees have cones on them, ripening in preparation to release seeds. Taking a few moments to really slow down and look around is so helpful to restoring some calm and balance in the day.

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