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Trying New Things

Trying new ideas is always a risk. As an example, I tried to make these lovely little Chinese crispy and steamed dumplings. I didn't have all of the filling ingredients so I winged it with the ingredients I had on hand. They were pretty lame to tell the truth. If they were covered in soy sauce, they were edible I guess, but barely. Oh well, it was a try that didn't turn out. I tried painting this week and although surrounded by the lovely blue shadows created by the bitter midwinter sun, I couldn't recreate them to my own satisfaction.

But we did try somethings that absolutely worked this week too.

One is the idea of printing our own prints. So an artist can scan their work and create limited prints from it to sell for less money than the original work. I am really intrigued by this idea but not thrilled with the price tag of ordering and shipping prints from the third party. Additionally, if you do have prints made, you have to be 100% sure the color you create the file with is calibrated with their printers or you'll get a different print than you intended. I ran into that this winter and it was deeply disappointing.

However, Charles Stockwell has this amazing printer he creates his cards and prints from. So I sent over some files for him to test out and he sent them back and they were gorgeous! The color was right, clarity and paper quality were beautiful, and we're going to keep working on defining some prints for sale that are of the quality we'd expect.

For the sample prints, I think we'll give them as prizes! We love them! We'll be doing that periodically on our Facebook and Instagram pages so keep an eye out!

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