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Hi There!

I am honored and flattered that you're interested in learning more about me.  I'm Laura.  I'm a Watercolor artist and I dabble in ink, photography, digital design, linocut, acrylics, woodworking, name it and I'm either trying it or planning to.  Mostly though, I'm a watercolor artist.

I wish I wish I could say I had formal training but aside from High School Fine Arts, I am self-taught.  I'm not brand loyal to any particular paint, paper or brush in my work but I am a partial to Arches paper and Windsor and Newton paints.  I show work in a few Michigan shows and galleries and hoping to add some more.  


I'm an educator by day and serious nature lover in my free time.  Since I was a little kid, I've been fascinated with nature.  One of my first memories is of building a little bird feeding station in my sandbox in the backyard.  Complete with my seed-covered peanut butter toilet paper tube birdfeeder.

Now I pretty much live the dream of any woodland dweller.  We have three bird feeding stations, a fly fishing river close by, a modest little ranch house backed up to a small patch of forest (which backs up to a large pond or small lake).  We just moved here, to  rural northern Michigan, and are hard at work getting native plants planted, a tiny garden started and lots of wood chopped for next year's woodstove.  This summer we'll be building a studio on the property as well.  Pretty amazing!  

I manage as a small artists collaborative including the website and all of the social media.  I couldn't do all of this alone though.  I have my Dad, Charles Stockwell, who also helps with shipping and writing for the site.  He is a successful digital artist himself and shares some of his work here on the site as well. I am also lucky to have an amazing partner, Chris.  He is a true craftsman as well.  He's retiring this year and you'll see a lot of his work coming up on the site too.


A quick note on nefarious internet behavior.  We're a small business and we take your  concerns seriously.  We don't sell anyone's private information and we even refuse to subject our site visitors to ads.  We pay for services that do not include ads on our website and in our emails.  If something isn't right with an order, we are committed to making it right.

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