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-10 Degrees Never Looked so Fresh

We bought some fresh Basil back around the holidays for a recipe. Being avid gardeners, we planted the basil we did not use in a pot and then we snipped some stems to use on our plant propagators. The basil in the pot grew AND the new plants we started in the propagators grew so quickly that we had no choice but to plant those too.

I dug a porch planter out of a snow bank, filled it with some frozen potting soil and let it all thaw in the basement. While I was down in the storage room in the basement, I couldn't help peeking at the seeds we have saved for this coming spring. I found some old kale seeds from 2 years ago down there so I tossed them into the planter too. Once the whole thing thawed out, I planted the starter basil plants and let it all sit in a southern-facing window for 2 weeks. Now, in the depth of winter, we have enough fresh basil to snip and make a little batch of pesto! How lovely! I estimate that in a week or so we'll have some baby kale to throw into salads too. As it is now, the kale sprouts could be snipped and dropped into an omelet or even a sandwich! Besides the amazing flavor of homegrown fresh basil, there is something incredibly comforting about looking at a small row of fresh basil plants lined up against a view of a snowy yard. On those sunny days, the basil warms up and fills the room with that fresh smell too. It's like spring in the depths of winter.

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