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A Flurry of Activity!

Spring is probably the busiest time of year for those of us who live in four season climates. Cleaning up from winter, preparing to plant things, planting things, cleaning and maintaining things, there's a lot to do. Early summer is pretty busy too!

We've had an exceptionally dry spring and it was a very localized drought too. Most folks' had brown lawns and dead flowers. But since we mow our grass high and don't use any herbicides or pesticides, our grassy areas were just fine. Our veggie garden got a little stressed but we use lots of compost and watered so it made it through just fine. Our greens bolted early but most of our head lettuce and even our cool weather beets are doing just fine since the weather changed. We're back to cooler weather and intermittent rain and everything is flourishing.

We are harvesting some things from the garden, eating a lot of fresh produce and taking a few moments to enjoy the butterflies and looking for caterpillars. It doesn't leave a lot of time for serious painting and creating but all of this lovely activity provides lots of inspiration. Early summer rivals the level of activity although I have to admit, there is still some time to sit down, smell the freshly mown grass and enjoy the dappled evening sun through the trees.

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