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A Forest Spring

Most people think of spring flowers and budding trees in a spring time forest.

And, yep, we'll be celebrating THAT spring for sure. But in March in the upper Midwest, spring is a little more subtle. There is still snow under the pines. The ground is slowly warming up a bit and there are some warmer days. That means the snowpack from winter is either icy or crunchy and solid.

The lichen which covers most old wood in the forest thrives from humid air. With daytime temperatures in the 30s to 50s and all the snow melting, it's very humid. So the lichens are starting to develop a lovely green hue and grow.

As the temperatures continue to warm up, we'll move the little pine tree to a most suitable location, continue to revel in the growing lichen and look for the first spring buds. But for now, these little bits of green bring us hope for warmer weather and a celebration of growth.

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