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A Lovely Surprise!

So Charles Stockwell, one of our NORDmi partners, has been working on this new project. I keep calling and asking him to send it to me, I can't wait to see it. But he keeps telling me he's working on it, trying something new. For the past 2 weeks, it's been me bothering him to send it already!

And sure enough, just when I thought I couldn't wait any more, there was a package in my mail on Saturday! It was this lovely little wall hanging! This is fairly typical, we work on our creative projects and then send them to each other to see what the customer experience is like when someone buys something from our website. He is especially dedicated to configuring everything from thank you notes to package weight. I'm very much "create and and collapse" type, while he is a details person. Which is part of what makes him such a valuable person to have on our team - we compliment each other's strengths.

So this little lovely is now hanging above my stove - a reminder to choose strong dominant flavors when I cook as I have a tendency to over-spice things with a lot of flavors. It's also a nice little reminder that really, we could all do with a little less and still be happy. Soon these will be in our store and ready to purchase! Keep an eye out on Instagram, facebook and check back soon!

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