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It's Gardening Seasoning!

Phew, you plan for it, you order seeds, you start said seeds in the living room.....and then it comes time to put that shovel to dirt. The last few weekends have been strong arming two family gardens into a spring-ready state. And at the end of the days you spent digging and tearing last fall's long grass roots out of your veggie beds, you are tired. Bone deep exhausted from leaning, lifting, bending, turning compost piles and lugging straw bales. You come inside and look at all your little seedlings and dream of juicy tomatoes and crispy lettuces.

Then you go dig some more and if you're lucky, it doesn't snow on you. We weren't so lucky 2 weeks ago. But it's early spring and it could snow at late as early May (it's happened before!) So we're not quite ready to plant our tomatoes or basil yet, but we've got the basil in our propagator and grow lights on our tomatoes. For now, we're going to keep working on the garden beds, knocking spring mud from out boots, and dreaming of our harvests. And every now and again, there's a moment, standing at the potting bench with your hand on your lower back and you are simply charmed by the simplicity of whole endeavor.

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