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Meet Tickseed

Tickseed is a native wildflower common in dry sandy roadside areas. It is also known as Sand Coreopsis. It's just finishing up it's blooming season here in the northern US. You've likely seen hybrids of this plant in a nursery or garden center or maybe even in your neighbor's flower gardens. It's bright yellow flowers are pretty unmistakable. It is not as prevalent as some other roadside flowers (black eyed susans and daisies seem to bloom along every country road!), but if you're looking for it - you'll likely see it in the spring.

This is one tough plant. It can thrive it hot sandy soils with full sun exposure, making it a great plant for tough spots. It is called tickseed because the seeds it generates are small, dark colored and oval, much like a tick! Kind of gross, we know, but we collect the seeds anyway because we love this native flower.

You can also buy the plant in multiple different forms from a local garden center. It comes in a lot of beautiful warm color combinations from yellow to yellow and orange. It needs a lot of sun, well draining soil, and a little water and it will reward you with showy blooms, especially as the weather warms up. Many of the hybrids will bloom all summer but the native perennial wildflower only blooms into June. A quick note, the native flowers spread readily by seed so unless you want a LOT of native tickseed, trim the flowers before they produce seeds.

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