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Spring Inspiration

It's getting to be summer Art Show time isn't it?

There are some amazing shows in Michigan and we're trying to decide which shows to apply to, which pieces to enter. And in some cases, which pieces to produce to fit the theme of new shows! Applying to Art shows isn't inexpensive and there's no guarantee that you'll sell or win anything at all. But the idea of putting your work in front of strangers in a real space is pretty exciting nonetheless. Perhaps the process of considering shows and pieces to enter is a close second on the excitement meter. As we were working in the garden the other day, we sat and thought about which pieces to enter. The view was fantastic and leant itself to some inspiration for a couple of new pieces. Something about the warm air, knocking dirt off your shoes and watching dandelion fluffs float off in a spring breeze inspires creativity.

We haven't quite decided which shows we're going to enter this year but there are a couple of contenders for sure! Stay tuned and we'll let you know! In the meantime, here are a couple of pieces we're working on.

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