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Thinking Fall Thoughts

It is officially Fall! The Equinox was September 22 which means there was an equal amount of daytime and night time. Now we start moving toward there being more nighttime than daytime hours. We'll bump into the Solstice on December 21st where we'll have the fewest hours of daylight all year.

So now is the time for PSL, Pumpkins and decorative corn on the porch, and a focus on the indoors as we in the Northern regions get ready to turn on our furnaces. The nights are chilly now although not frosty yet. The days are filled with brilliant bright sunlight as the sun shifts toward the southern sky and the leaves are just beginning to show some color where we are. We've had a couple of good drenching rains and a storm too. We had some strong wind, enough to knock down some branches and assure us the trees that remain standing are strong enough to withstand the upcoming winter. Another two weeks and there will be a sudden rush of color as fall leaves are a backdrop to all of our time outside.

We have a couple of warm days coming, we always do in October and sometimes even into November, but they will be shorter. And they will be well used as we prepare the garden for fall, stroll through those colorful forests and celebrate the crisp autumn weather that is so brief and so amazing.

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