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Time to Enjoy the Sun

As the days shift to warmer temperatures and the sun is strengthening and moving north, things are growing! Our coffee table faces a south facing window and each year, it becomes a seed starting table. We have a couple of trays of seeds starting for our garden and our plant propagator going for basil and we're busy constructing some new cedar planter boxes so we can transplant our herbs out of the herb bed and into planters.

The spring frogs are making tentative calls from wetlands and yesterday I heard the year's first woodcock. Our local house finch population is battling for nesting spots and I am hoping a robin takes up residence in our nest box behind the bard so we can see the little fledglings again too. I love spring, there's so much to look forward too. It's still freezing at night though and in all reality, it will probably snow again. I might be getting a little too excited because things are happening fast. It is comfort enough to know our savoy cabbage and leeks have germinated and are getting ready to be transplanted outside.

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