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Will It Ever Get Warm?

It's the best time of year here in Michigan but the temperatures are stuck at a stubborn range.

There is frost each night and each day seems cloud covered and cold. The sun has peeked out for a couple of days and brought with it a welcome reminder that it will be warmer soon. The birds are singing their spring songs, the trees are in bloom, the grass needs mowing but it is staying cold. We've had springs like this before, where is stays cold into mid-may. 11 years ago, it snowed! I remember because we were camping. In tents. It's always hard to wait for spring, even when it's early.

The winters in the Upper Midwest are long, starting in November and usually ending in April so when the first greening up happens and the first daffodils bloom it is cause for celebration. But a month later, when you are crunching over frost in Mid-May, It's tempting to shake your fist at the sky and lament the weather but it does no good.

We simply truck the seedings in and out, wait to purchase any flowers, and try to remember that it will someday be 70 degrees. We know it will get warmer, probably next week if the forecasts are correct, but it's so hard to wait!

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