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Our Winter Whitetail sold at a show this past week which means the print is no longer for sale. Additionally, we won't reproduce the image on anything, ever again. Seems a little final, and a little sad, mostly because we love that deer painting and we'd love to reproduce the image on a tote bag or in the form of prints. But once an original painting is sold, we don't reproduce it again in any way.

So if you've bought a painting, or are considering it, that's probably a good thing to know. And if you snap up a print or tote or mug, know that the original piece is still in our possession. The deer and the bear painting were entered in the Old Art Building's fundraising summer show. Honestly, if the deer hadn't sold, I had the perfect place right here at home for the two of them, flanking a doorway and we weren't going to sell them at all. But since the deer sold, we'll have to rethink that. All of our unsold original framed art will be placed on the site this fall when it returns from the summer shows. IN the meantime, we wish the owner of one of our favorite pieces, many happy views.

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