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Remember this lovely little rabbit? We entered it into the Great Northern Art Explosion in Grayling, Michigan. Until this week, we had planned to pick it up this Saturday. We're never one to miss the opportunity to drive through Northern Michigan, especially as we're just starting to see some leaves change.

But we got a phone call from a buyer who saw it at the show, offering to purchase it! We're always excited when someone loves what we create as much as we do. So this little fella is going to his new home. That means no more Rabbit prints here, no more tote bags, no more anything with that image on it.

Once an original piece is sold, we don't reproduce it again. We do sell some original art work here on the site but most of our original work is sold at shows or to inquiring buyers. So if you see a watercolor print or tote you especially like, and you purchase it, it's yours. We only offer a very small # of signed prints of any work but if we sell the original, we'll delete the existing prints and we won't make any more.

We'd like to thank the buyer of the Rabbit painting. We really adored it and it is a pleasure to know it has a new home. We're also really grateful to Great Northern Art Explosion, hosted by AuSable Artisan Village. If you're in the area - be sure to check out the amazing talented artists there!

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