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A Bit of Green

It's the deepest part of winter here in the Northern Midwest. Most days are grey with snow, ice, rain or a combination of those. The sunny days are welcome when we have them. This time of year we usually visit a local greenhouse or travel to the conservatory at the local University to enjoy all the growing things. That's out this year with Covid unfortunately. There's not much green outdoors but we do have a little in the house.

OK - I'm just kidding, we have a lot of green in the house. Houseplants are crowding the living room table and stacked up on the south and east facing windows. A philodendron

occupies the bathroom and a staghorn fern enjoys the kitchen. We are kind of plant nuts. Just recently. we filed our plant propagator with basil stems from the

fresh basil we got at the grocery store. The plan is to grow them, pot the, and then grow some more so we have plenty of small basil plants for the vegetable garden this spring. Usually, we've grown basil from seed and this year I will certainly start a few plants from seed but I know I will have lots of healthy young plants right out of the propagator too!

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