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A Note on Drop Shipping

First of all - we don't. We do not drop ship.

Secondly, what IS drop shipping?

It's pretty simple really and it's a legitimate way to manage an online store. Basically, there's a warehouse with all sorts of lovelies somewhere. There's an entrepreneur with an online business somewhere. The warehouse is good at providing the products and handling the shipping and the website is good at selling that product. So the website shares the product with customers who order. The order goes to the warehouse and the warehouse fulfills the order. Easy right? Pretty simple.

And you've seen these sites all over the place, on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest with lovely pictures of products that are appealing. Thing is, you tend to see the same products over and over again. You see that crow light, the mouse light (which is darn cute!), the sweatshirts, the paint by numbers. And if you look into it a little, you might find several different companies selling those things. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

But it's just not how we do things here. We do sell items, absolutely. And we do hope people will purchase them. But we make them. ALL of them,. OK - we don't actually sew our little tote bags, but I painted those images, scanned them in and set up the printing for the tote bags. But we are in the garage, the woods, the beaches, or working in the basement on a snowy Tuesday night or hunched over a stretched sheet of watercolor paper on a Sunday morning to create what we sell.

We don't think there's anything wrong with drop shipping at all. But we do think there's something far more valuable about producing the things we sell with enthusiasm, creativity and hand made care. We also value other company's and artist's amazing work too so we purchase things we like from small collectives, Etsy shops, art fairs and galleries. We hope you'll value the care and creativity that goes into individual artist's work too.

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