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It is late summer now, the tall grasses are topped with seed heads, the sunflowers in the garden are five feet tall, and the light has changed in the evenings to a more dusky slant. The tomatoes are just beginning to ripen and it's blueberry season here in the Midwest. Everyone is still in summer mode, the smells of grills are fragrant in the late summer evenings and there are still lots of pool parties and the beaches are still busy. It's only August after all. But there is change in the air or maybe in the light as the days are slowly but irrevocably shortening.

We've shortened our original painting offerings as well. Most original watercolor paintings have been removed from the site. We like to keep things revolving on the site and need to post some new work for fall and winter.

We have three art shows currently in progress and all work from those site, if not sold, will be posted up when they return in the fall. Once any original piece is sold, all reproductions are removed as well. The site is undergoing some small changes but like late summer, they are subtle. We'll offer new work this fall as the trees change and we all snuggle in to get ready for winter.

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