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Handmade, Homemade

We're busy here. Making cards, sanding cedar fish, painting and ordering parts. See, we make every single thing on our site. We don't buy from other artists and resell items. And for us, it's the way to go. See, we're motivated to create. We'd create even if we didn't sell what we made.

We're pretty dedicated to homemade things around here. We make our own holiday decorations, hand paint cards to celebrate family birthdays, cook most of our food, and grow most of our own veggies in the summer. We've always been fascinated with the natural world too - marveling over lichens on tree trunks, pocketing pebbles and pressing fall leaves. The grain from certain woods is cause for creation as is a moment catching a trout or pulling fresh carrots out of the soil. When you take the time to notice things around you - lines, shapes, colors, smells or moments, you will almost certainly be moved to create.

So here's to noticing the things around you, enjoying the moments and also to creating.

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