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High Summer

It's that time of year when the humidity doesn't quit and the temperatures soar. Luckily for us, the Northern part of the state is a little cooler than the southern. "In town" (any town) is almost unbearable with the concrete, asphalt, and siding & windows of the buildings and parking lots feeding heat right back at you all day. The more rural areas and even smaller towns are much more comfortable. We're lucky to be surrounded by fields, forests, and close to some rivers so we stay cooler than the larger cities.

Still, we spend most of our time outside in early morning and later in the evening. Things are hazy here, partly because of the humidity but also because of the smoke from the wildfire in the western US. The sunrises and sunsets are pretty spectacular right now with the humid, hazy air. We were lucky enough to go on a bike ride recently in the early morning and the sun was reflected red in the water while white egrets and blue herons circled overhead.

Our garden loves this weather too. We only have so many days between frosts and winter and we absolutely treasure these high summer days where the tomatoes, eggplants, beans and basil can really flourish. We're up to our ears in produce from local farmers and planning to pick blueberries soon too. It truly is a season of abundance. There is something about this weather that somehow reminds you of the sharp contrast you'll experience six months from now. In January, there will be snow, ice and bitterly cold temperatures. That contrast helps one remember to treasure the time on the water, the sun, the smell of mown grass all that much more.

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