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Leaf Season!

Most people think of leaf season as being in the fall. But if you are anywhere in the Northern Midwest, you know the spring is a 2nd leaf season. The red maples are currently flowering near us, creating a reddish haze in the forests. The tamaracks are blushing green, the service berries are getting ready to flower and the poplars and birch trees are ready to burst forth. The forests are absolutely aflame with reds, greens, whites and pinks.

After a long cold and mostly brown and ocher winter here so the leap into spring feels like an absolute visual celebration. Most people adore the fall leaves (we're certainly among them), but we think that the blush of spring on the forest is far more hopeful event and also far less appreciated. So if you have a spare afternoon, take a drive into the northern forests in mid-April before things are fully in leaf and take a look.

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