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As the weather cools, we shift our attention to the indoors a little more. There's still a lot to do outside in the fall garden but it gets light later in the morning and dark earlier in the evening now so we have the chance to spend a little more time indoors.

We're thinking about gifts and the holidays and new project. We're working on some Holiday cards, Christmas tree ornaments, and I keep meaning to finish making more hand salve. There's only one left here and the stuff is just to great not to have available, especially as the air dries out and weather turns chilly as it surely will in a few weeks.

We're constantly trying new ideas and this year isn't any different. We were lucky enough to be gifted some really nicely cut log rounds. If you've ever cut a big log with a chainsaw, you know that cutting a straight log round is almost impossible. The larger the log, the tougher it is to get an even cut. So instead of trying to cut these ourselves, we feel impossibly lucky to have been gifted 2 30" rounds.

And even luckier to borrow a hand planer. We're going to try our hand at some end tables! Turns out, oak log rounds are super dense and hard to sand and plane but little by little, the end table tops are taking shape. If they do turn out well, we'll be keeping them for ourselves. We generally do that with our 'prototype' pieces. But I have big goals and I would love (love) to be able to ship out small plantstands or end tables!

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