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Not Very Spring-like?

Everywhere you look in the south or even in the southern Midwest, Daffodils are blooming, crocuses are up and robins are hopping across lawns. In the northern forests though, things still look pretty wintery, no buds on trees, no flowers, yet. Give it a couple of weeks at the spring buds, blooms and birds will take your breath away.

But there is a subtle change in the northern forests as the days warm and the sun feels stronger. Birches and dogwoods have taken on a reddish hue in the lowlands and poplar trees and maples seem....fuller and a tinge of green tips their branches. The only green in the landscape yet is the towering pine and spruce trees but even they seem brighter somehow. This is the perfect time to take a walk in the forest. With the branches still bare, you can see a long way into the woods. Because it is still chilly out, there are no mosquitoes to bother you. And it's quiet. No rustling of leaves, just the quiet sigh of wind through the evergreens. The poison ivy hasn't even considered leafing out either. Bonus!

Spring takes a little longer to arrive in northern forests but it's nothing to be sad about, it's an extended and underappreciated season of slow awakening that is a pleasure to spend time in.

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