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The Creative Process

We've got lots of fun new spring things on the site!

Our little signs, new watercolor art work, and there's more on the way! With spring like weather finally arriving, we've been really busy outdoors working on garden projects. Because of that, I haven't been able to spend much time working on really good work this week. But because I know how the creative process works for me, I can't stop painting. I am not especially inspired to produce consumable work this time of year as I am simply so busy on multiple projects. Instead of pushing myself to produce work I think might be 'good', I press myself to produce work in which I learn.

Because I am fascinated by portraying light, I take a lot of photographs of well-lighted subjects and try to paint them. One evening we were able to stop at a local park between picking up some plants and dropping off some other plants. We were greeted by this lovely scene! Talk about lighting! I instantly snapped a pic and went home to paint it that evening.

And right now, that's what it's about. I simply don't feel inspired to paint what I WAS painting but I do feel inspired to paint and learn new things. The beauty of the creative process is that it doesn't seek to arrive at an outcome. I never have an end product in mind when I paint something. And that is why I follow that inspiration and try new things. I knocked down a couple of quick watercolor sketches inspired by the strong spring light. I stuck the 2 little 4x6" sketches to the fridge. And then I cleaned my workspace off and found two lovely bookmarks I'd painted. And inspiration upon inspiration walloped me. My next project, my next series will be a group of hand-painted bookmarks. Not sure on the content yet but I know that strong light will be a big part. I never know if what I create will be good when i start. And I am honestly surprised by the outcome most times. Sometimes I feel like I just don't know what to pursue in my watercolors. But I know I can't stop painting and when I keep at it, ideas and inspirations and motivations flow. So

the bottom line is to keep creating - that IS the creative process.

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