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Those Four Seasons

Our website is called NORDmi for a reason.

All of our creative pursuits are heavily influenced by the seasons and in Northern Michigan we have four very distinct seasons. We're in the height of spring now and our pursuits are varied and unrelenting. The long lazy days of summer are a few weeks away and the busy bustle of fall seems like it will never come. Spring though, is so very busy and we are immersed in it.

Mostly it's gardening season for us. We have a big garden and we grow a lot of our own vegetables all summer including out own garlic. We've got most of our cool weather veggies in ,the garlic is up and we've already seen

flowers on the strawberry plants. We've cut and frozen our first batch of rhubarb already and more is coming on. We dehydrate most of our herbs and we're getting ready to cut chives and the early tarragon for the dehydrator. We have all of our little tomato plants, basil and eggplant seedlings ready to go in as well. We have flowers to plant and with our new orchard this year, lots of watering to do. It's also fishing season, camping season and work is pretty busy too! Spring is a season that flies by because it is so busy. The mad rush to plant and prepare for the growing season will come to a sudden conclusion and the garden will set about it's business or growing and we'll work on weeding and watering regularly. We draw so much inspiration from this time of year and try so hard to hold onto that inspiration for times when there is a little more time.

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