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Three (hopefully) Summer Shows

Well it's summer Art Show season and we couldn't be happier. We're in two summer shows for sure - maybe even three! If you're in Michigan this summer, we hope you'll be able to stop in to any one of them!

First up we have a show in Lapeer at Gallery 194 from July 13th - August 14th. The show isn't posted yet but we've responded to the call for artists and been accepted! Wahoo! The show will soon be posted on their website - The theme is "For the Birds" and if you know us at all - you know we love birds here at NORDmi and we had a couple of pieces ready to go and some NEW pieces too! They are in the process of being framed right now.

Next up, we're so pleased to have been accepted at the Art Leelanau 2021 Exhibition & Benefit at the Old Art

Building. We have a special soft spot for Leelanau county having lived there for a bit a while back. We also enjoy visiting regularly. Something about the rolling vineyards, forested hills, lakeshore and sand dunes all in one place is so special. Plus, any proceeds from the art work at this show will benefit a great arts organization in a place we love. What could be better!? Check it out from July 23rd through July 28th.

The last isn't for sure at all. We entered the juried completion with our Bunny original watercolor and we're still waiting to hear back. Fingers (and toes) crossed that we make it in! Only 100 Artists will be selected, it's an international show, and honestly, we're pretty nervous about it. .The Art Explosion in Grayling, Michigan is a competition/show with big prizes, juried work and spans pretty much the whole northern Michigan town. Even if our little bunny isn't accepted into the show - we're 100% -planning to attend August 28th - September 12th because it promises to be an amazing show in a great location.

So it's going to be a busy summer for us between bringing work to various places and then enjoying these fantastic venues and shows. We really hope to meet other artists, be inspired and we hope to see you there as well!!

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