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A Drive to Remember, a Gallery you Won't Soon Forget

A drive to Grayling is one we relish. We were so lucky to share our watercolor work at the AuSable Artisan Village this season. Ande Hentschel, the Executive Director was so welcoming in inviting Laura Stockwell (watercolor artist here at NORD) to display work.

It is incredibly exciting to be able to show in a gallery, hands down one of the honors every artist seeks. But it is also exciting to simply drive there. Grayling is in the northern part of Michigan, just about 45 minutes from us. But that 45 minutes in the fall is just amazing. We come up through M-33 and over on M-72, straight through the heart of the Huron National Forest. Acres and acres of wooded rolling hill. If you haven't been, it's worth a visit.

It is primarily Jack Pine and sandy oak flats but there are pockets of maples and birch too which makes a stunning panoramic view on the drive up. And we always make a quick stop at the AuSable River, a Blue Ribbon trout stream.

And then you get to the Gallery and I promise, you'll be simply amazed. The building's entrance is graced by an exceptional dragonfly sculpture and the inside is brightly lit but both large windows and well placed lighting. And yes, it's a fairly standard gallery but it also contains a stage, workshop space and a coffee spot. One could spend hours there- the work is gorgeous. They offer all sorts of courses, workshops and performances. If you haven't been - we implore you visit - it really is a wonderful way to spend some time!

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