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Black Friday/Small Business Sat/Cyber Monday

Some people asked me this year why I don't have a Black Friday sale. Great question. I don't have holiday sales because I'm personally not a believer in the mass consumption that comes with the Holiday season and I am not going to encourgage that myself. That's the short answer. The long asnwer is a little more complicated and if you would like to consider it, read on.

The Holidays in Amercia are really varied. Haunnakau, Christmas, Yule, Kwanzaa, Diwali and so many more are celebrated by so many people this time of year. Recognizing that so many celebrate this season of short days and long nights in the Northen Hemisphphere is a little humbling and awe inspriring honestly. And then there are folks who do not celebrate with a holiday, and people who are learning to have a holiday without someone they love and people who spend a cherished holiday alone. All these things are worth considering and weighing when thinking about the late fall/early winter season.

And then, competing for all of our attention is SALE!DISCOUNT!BOGO! screaming against red and green backgrounds. And don't get me wrong, I love a good deal, I really do. However, with such a monumuentous seasonal celebration upon us, I wonder if spending money on things often made in other countries at the expense of people's health and well being is really going to increase our collective happiness. I doubt that. Is buying things at ridicoloslly low prices going to make the holiday time better? For who? The gift giver, the gift receiver, the gift creator?

The huge sales this time of year feel contrived to me. They feel like much ado about nothing. And as someone who creates products for you to buy (lovely products!), I feel like it would be silly to say that they are worth less because of a date on the calendar. Black Friday, small Buinesss Saturday and Cyber Monday are are all a good opportunity for a shopper to find some deals and a merchant to attract some customers for a short period of time, but as an Artist and entrepenuer, I'd rather celebrate my products all year. I do offer deals to those who subscribe to my monthly (ad free) newsletter in hopes of building a releationship. I do offer deals at in person shows. But this time of year is truly a complicated and also magical time and I would rather celebrate it in my own way with my family than jump into the fray of sales & deals for no reason other than to fit in with other retailers.

I do hope that if my art work speaks to you personally or you know it would speak to someone as a gift, you would choose to purchase it. But even more, I hope you enjoy the winter season with your families and celebrating in the way that is right for you. I hope you are warm, safe and enjoying all the blessings in your life.

Happy Holidays,


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