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Meet American Crow

These lovely birds are the subject of many myths, legends and tall tales. Crows can be seen as omens of bad things, often seen and hear in ominous movies. Stories about crows about with acts of trickery and deception. But in reality, crows are simply a bird in our Northern forests, one we adore. Crows are 'smarter' than many other birds, with larger brain to body ratios and proven abilities to solve problems and distinguish between people. Many people have befriended crows or raised crows to be successful pets. They are intelligent and instantly recognizable birds who live in cities, suburbs and remote areas.

Crows are of the genus Corvus, same as bluejays (also intelligent birds) and ravens. They eat just about anything from scraps to grain to carrion. Crows live in groups known as a murder. A murder of crows has many members who help the whole flock but watching out for danger, sounding alarm calls, sharing family tasks and helping each other find food. Crows posses incredibly memory and communication skills as well and are easy to form relationships with through food. Some crows have even been known to bring 'presents' to people who feed them!

We don't have quite that relationship with our local flock yet but it is a pleasure to see them attend our clearing each morning to search for corn and fill our little space with their calls. They often soar and dive on the wind when it sweeps up the hill below us and then stop to rest in the white pines across the road. We hope they'll learn to trust us a little more and maybe even bring us a present!

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