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Meet Canada Anemone

This showy riverside wildflower is in bloom right now and you can't miss it. After the impressive trillium, the exotic Jack-in-the-Pulpit and the Shiny Marsh Marigold, the Canada Anemone comes into it's own in damp soils. The forests and riversides are 4,000 shades of green and this bright white flower take the opportunity to shine.

This is a very hardy plant, spreading a bit each year. We actually planted this in a yard spread. A lot. It is beautiful all season with deeply lobed leaves (also called Crowfoot Anemone) but comes into it's own in early June where it grows in drifts of deep green punctuated by white flowers with bright yellow centers. It favors partial to full sunlight and you can find it in most types of soil with the exception of fully saturated and dry sandy soils. It is nice as a garden bed filler but it will spread and has a tendency to shade out any other plants and form thick beds. It was discovered in Canada, hence the name but is also know but other names such as Crowfoot Anemone, Meadow Anemone, and Windflower. The plant is plentiful but can be toxic if large amounts are ingested. Some people have a skin reaction to the plant's sap as well so handle with caution

Because this flower is so common along riversides, we used it in our trout series! You can find our mugs at the AuSable Artisan Village or our Trout Card set on the site!

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