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New Printful Products

So we're trying something new. Before we get into that, let me tell you a little about how we've done things this last year.

So every single piece we sell has been in our possession. We either create each item or order the item and have them in clear plastic totes. We start with the creation of the piece. It might be a digital design or a physical watercolor. If it's a painting, we have it scanned to a digital format, get it all cleaned up and use it to create prints, keychains, notepads, cards, whatever. Then we photograph the item, tuck it into a clear plastic tote and wait for you to purchase it. When you order an item, Charles Stockwell packages up your order, drives to the post office and sends it to your home. Small business at it's finest.

So what's new? Well we're going to keep our hand-made items and in-stock items as those are limited in quantity, we take great pride in the quality, and honestly, we love creating those products. But we wanted to add some new products. Products we can't make ourselves and products we simply don't have room to store ourselves. We found a well-known company ( that has solid reviews. So we're adding some products from their extensive catalog that we think you'll like.

It works a little differently than how we usually sell and ship your products, but we've ordered a few things to test it out and it works beautifully. We have identified every product ordered through Printful on the description including a slightly longer shipping time.

If you order one of the Printful items, the experience is seamless. You order through our website (free shipping!), all payments are processed through our website and payment information is never shared with Printful. Printful charges NORDmi, produces the item and ships it to you using the address you've provided. Easy! If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, we ask that you return it and we will happily refund your purchase.

So take a look at our new products for Spring and Summer, we're adding new things pretty frequently!

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